In the forthcoming year, we shall commemorate the 100th anniversary of Manuel de Falla’s „Homenaje,“ composed in 1925. During the same period, 1928/29, Heitor Villa-Lobos composed his „12 Etudes,“ marking the genesis of the „modern“ guitar repertoire. Subsequently, composers such as Frank Martin, Benjamin Britten, Hans Werner Henze, and numerous others contributed significantly, enriching the classical guitar repertoire with their valuable compositions.

The repertoire for the guitar in the 20th century to the present day encompasses a rich collection of masterpieces crafted by eminent composers. This includes not only Spanish and South American music but also works originating from Italy, Britain, France, as well as central, northern, and eastern Europe. Solo pieces, chamber music, songs for voice and guitar, and guitar concertos collectively embody a remarkable artistic and cultural significance. The aim of Wolfgang Weigel’s dedication to the music of this era is to establish the artistic and technical prowess required for performing this music at the highest standard possible.

Wolfgang Weigel, an internationally acclaimed ambassador of 20th-century music, will be available for recitals and masterclasses dedicated to this cherished repertoire. Weigel has personal acquaintance with many composers, both past and present, enabling him to bear witness to their artistic visions and intentions.